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Which Bedding Material is Right for Me? 

Unsure about all the different bed linen materials? We all may know our 100% cotton but what is Polycotton, Cotton Rich, Percale and Polyester Taffeta? Here at We Love Linen, we ensure our linen is made to the best quality that is right for you. We sleep in bed linen every night and it's important to know what it's made from before you buy to ensure it's the right material to suit your needs for a comfortable sleep!


Percale is named after a type of weave used to make this material. Percale is made from a tight plain weave of thread for a soft, smooth finish. Percale can be blended with other materials such as cotton or polyester and can last longer through multiple washes where the material gets softer after each wash. All our Percale Bed Linen is made in England and woven with a cotton blend. 


Polycotton is a blend of polyester and cotton but can include percale into the blend. It's important to look for a higher thread count when shopping for polycotton bedding as this means a higher quality. Polycotton bedding is less likely to crease after washing on a 40 degree cycle. All our polycotton bedding is made with a 144 thread count which makes for a higher quality and our Polycotton Bed Sets are made using combed yarns. 

100% Cotton

100% Cotton bedding is simply a pure and natural cotton material that is breathable keeping you warm in the winter and cool throughout summer. All our 100% cotton bedding is made in England. 100% percale cotton has to have a 180 thread count or higher. Our Mayfair Collection is made from 100% cotton percale with a 200 thread count and our 100% cotton Richmond Duvet Cover Set has a 300 thread count. 

Cotton Rich

Cotton rich is a high quality natural and breathable cotton combined with another material in order to make it more durable. Our Satin Stripe Cotton Rich Collection is made in England and contains 80% cotton and 20% polyester with a 200 thread count.

Polyester Taffeta

Polyester Taffeta is a fine and tightly woven into a luxurious soft fabric with a glossy finish. It is quick to dry and is UV resistant. Our Alexandria Teal Duvet Cover Set  is made from 100% polyester taffeta.