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Bedding Size Guide


Finding the right size sheets for your bed can be a real hassle, with so many confusing names such as ‘queen’, ‘superking’ and ‘small double’ floating around, it can be really tricky to find out which bedding you actually need for your bed. That’s why we’ve created this simple guide to provide you with all the measurements and descriptions you need to find out exactly which bed linen size is right for you

National Bed Federation


National Bed Fedaration

Our table shows various UK bed sizes, the types of bed sheets you’ll need for them and their measurements. 

Single Bed Size UK 

A Single bed measures 90cm by 190cm, or in feet; 3ft by 6ft 3”. This bed size is suitable for a wide range of people, including children of all ages, students, those who’s rooms are not big enough to fit a double bed and individuals who simply want to save space. 

Double Bed Size UK   

Double beds are significantly wider than Singles, measuring 135cm across by 190cm (4ft  6” x 6ft 3”). They sleep two people instead of just one, making them ideal for couples. However, many adults who sleep alone still prefer double beds to singles, as they provide extra space, allowing for more wriggle room during the night. This size is also ideal for couples who would like to share a bed but don’t have enough space in their bedroom for a bigger bed. 

Kingsize Bed UK 

Kingsize beds are the perfect size for many UK couples. They measure 150cm by 200cm (or 6 ft 6”), making them an ideal shape for taller people, or even those of us who just like to sprawl out during the night. 

Super King Size Bed UK 

Super King size beds are biggest size generally available in the UK. Measuring a whopping 180cm (6ft) across and 200cm (6ft 6”) in length, these beds are often viewed as the most luxurious and can be found in some of the most opulent hotels across the world. 

 We hope this guide has helped you to discover which bed and bed linen sizes are right for you. Whichever size you choose, we hope you’ll feel cosy and warm all night long.