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Our Ethical Quality Promise

The We Love Linen Ethical Quality Promise

We commit to putting quality at the heart of everything we do: We are quality accredited and have our own in-house and external laboratories in the UK and internationally, putting thousands of hours of testing to work each and every year.

We commit to reducing the environmental impact of our products and processes around the world: From reducing the environmental impact of production processes, to our global freight and even how our products perform, we're committed to constantly evaluating and reducing the environmental impact our products and processes make around the world.  Where appropriate we also ensure compliance with prevailing standards such as Oekotex.  We can connect you with our approved recycling partners.

We commit to fair labour practices: We have zero tolerance for labour abuses; that means child labour, modern slavery, unfair and unsafe working practices.  Our team regularly audit all our supply partners to ensure compliance, and work with them to make their businesses better.
We commit to fair supply chain practices:
Cash-flow and predictability are the lifeblood of business, and we commit to work fairly with all partners in our supply chain to pay them as quickly as possible, to commit to stay with them, and not employ any unfair or strong-arm tactics through our supply chain.   This extends to ensuring fair-play principles on pricing and margin, after all - everyone has to make a living.
We commit to sustainability, and engaging with the community: Our obligations don't just extend to supply chain; we anchor our CSR strategy in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, an internationally accepted framework that aims to improve the lives of individuals around the world.  Through this framework, we work with charities in the UK and internationally, building strong communities, tackling injustice, and improving outcomes.
We commit to placing great importance on the health, safety and happiness of our employees, and will take all reasonable steps to safeguard these values. Our people sit absolutely at the heart of every single thing we do; and with that in mind we commit to providing a working-environment that is healthy, happy and allows people to flourish.  Testament to this fact is the high percentage of our team that have been with us 10+ years.