Which Duvets Are Best For Winter?

The nights are colder and since our duvet is one of the most important features of our bedding, choosing the right duvet tog is key to getting a good night’s sleep. Read on to find out which types of duvets are ideal for those chilly nights…

What Are Duvet Togs?

Duvet togs range from between 4-15 called a ‘rating’ and they tell the level of warmth and insulation of a duvet. Your tog rating will be based on your preferences and the overall temperature of your bedroom and guest room. If you’re looking for a warmer duvet, it’s always best to check the label of your duvet for the tog rating and go up from there and vice versa if you’re looking for a duvet to keep you cooler.

Look For Non- Allergenic Duvets

It’s important to look out for Non-Allergenic Duvets which will be stated on the product descriptions and label to ensure you wont get any nasty allergic reactions to the material. However this does not eliminate dust and mites so you should wash your duvet regularly to get rid of any dust and bacteria.

Winter Duvets To Keep You Cosy

The most common duvet tog is 10.5 as these are ideal for all year round as they keep you both warm and cool. Shop 10.5 Tog Hollowfibre Duvets. If you feel the cold more easily, a hollowfibre 12 tog duvet would be the right one for winter months then you can change to a lower tog in the spring. Our 12 Tog Duvets are made in the UK using quality materials which are non-allergenic with a hollowfibre filling without the added weight.

How Often Should I Wash My Duvet?

How often you wash your duvet depends on many factors such as how often you sweat when you sleep. We recommend washing your duvet at least once every six months (twice a year), stick to the washing instructions on the label. Some duvets may be too big to fit in a normal washing machine and will need to be dry cleaned instead. For advice on how to wash sheets and duvet covers read our guide here on How To Wash Bedding.

Looking for your perfect duvet? You’re in the right place! All our duvets have a hollowfibre filling which keeps you warm without the added weight. Shop All Duvets.

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