4 Of The Best Sleep Practices With Lucy Wolfe

We caught up with top sleep consultant Lucy Wolfe from Sleep Matters to get some advice on the best sleep practices. If you’re struggling to sleep at night whatever your situation, then take a glimpse at our interview with Lucy Wolfe below.

4 OF The Best Sleep Practices To Start NOW!

  • Stick to a regular wake and bed time for a better sleep routine. Lucy advises to relax and prepare the body to wind down for half an hour before bedtime. Turn off any distractions including television and phones. Instead, look into your personal interests such as reading a book, keeping a journal or light exercise to help you switch off from the day. You can use Lucy’s 7 second breathing technique for meditation.

  •  Your bedroom environment is important for getting a good night’s sleep. Ensure your bedroom is clean, aired, as dark as possible and at a low room temperature. Your bed and bedding should also be comfortable, replace your mattress every 7 years and buy bedding materials that feel good to you. We recommend soft bedding made from cotton or percale like our Mayfair Gold/Brown Duvet Cover Set, which is made from 100% cotton percale. You can find out more about what bedding materials are right for you here. 

  • Take a look into your diet, don’t eat too close to bedtime and try to avoid spicy foods. We have said it before and we will say it again, do try cut out the caffeine and alcohol (sorry coffee lovers)!

  • If you live with babies or young children where distractions are more difficult to control, then Lucy works with families to enhance your child’s sleep routine too. Lucy has written two books on The Baby Solution which you can order here. 

For more information on Sleep Matters & Lucy’s work visit: https://www.sleepmatters.ie

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