5 Budget Friendly Tips To Update Your Bedroom

It’s the new year and we are seeing various trending colour schemes, our pinterest boards are bursting with inspiration and making us want to update our rooms. Our top 5 budget friendly tips will have your bedroom refreshed in no time…

1. Declutter

We have said this before, and we will say it again… get rid of the things that you don’t use that are hogging your space. It’s completely free and you can even sell on your unwanted items. For those items that you use occasionally, place them in storage boxes and put seasonal clothing or bedding in storage vacuum bags that can save you a lot of space! 

2. Layout

Changing it up is good for any room revamp…now that you have a little extra space, think about the current arrangement of your furniture. Could re-arranging your furniture make a difference to the layout of your room? Don’t be afraid to use the space as long as what you need is accessible and it works for you… try it!

@mulberrycottage_ox Styles We Love Linen Grey Faux Suede Bed Runner

3. Add A Splash Of Colour

You don’t have to re-decorate the walls to add colour to your room…unless you really want to… Update your bedroom with some fresh bed linen, choose from our fabulous printed collection by Charlotte Thomas. Add framed art prints to the walls or prop them up on your desk or shelves to add style and personality instantly, without the hard graft of decorating!

We Love Linen Fern Bed Set

We Love Linen Poetry Bed Set in Navy

4. Accessorise

Update your bedroom with some affordable home accessories with ornaments, candles and plants and place onto your furniture.. These little details will go a long way. Add cushions and a stylish bed runner to your bed for an extra cosy feel. 

Photo via Pinterest

5. Lighting

There are plenty ways to brighten (or darken) your room to your taste. The bedroom window is the most important source of natural light and the type of curtains you choose are important. Here are some of our top budget friendly suggestions. Plus you have the option to match your bedding and make it into a theme. Opt for energy saving light bulbs and add a stylish rattan lampshade. You can also add lamps to your bedside table or desk.   

We Love Linen Fern Curtains

Have you tried and tested our top 5 tips? Let us know in the comments and show us your pictures by tagging #welovelinen on our instagram!

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  • Mollie

    I love We Love Linen. I already have the Fern bed set and it compliments my bedroom perfectly. I tried this out as I wanted to change the style of my bedroom in my apartment for a quick budget friendly re-vamp and my room looks amazing now.