Summer Breeze: How To Create A Cool Bedroom

While we’ve been enjoying a glorious heatwave by day, the night time heat has certainly played havoc with our collective bedtime routines! No doubt restless nights, total abandonment of duvet covers and partners heading to the spare room in search of cooler temperatures will have been the story in many households recently. Perhaps you’ve been sleeping with a fan on in the bedroom, or the window has been cracked open all night in a desperate attempt to get some air circulation for more restful sleep.

At We Love Linen we believe that bedding can make a huge difference in keeping you cool during the night throughout the warmer season, so we’ve put together a guide on how to create a cool bedroom this summer.

Invest in a summer duvet

Presuming that your bed has already been stripped of additional soft furnishings such as cosy throws and blankets, a summer duvet is the first move to make when creating a tranquil and cool summer bedroom. Many people have two duvets to suit the season changes throughout the year. A summer duvet tends to have a low tog rating, which means that it will trap less air in its fibres, offering a lightweight duvet alternative. The popular hollowfibre duvet with a 4.5 tog rating from Charlotte Thomas is a great summer duvet option that can be easily swapped with your usual duvet during the warmer weather. The lightness of a 4.5 tog duvet won’t feel too heavy or overpowering on a warm night.

Choose a flat sheet

When the thought any kind of duvet in hot weather is too much to bear, then a flat sheet might be the perfect answer to keeping cool in bed. A polycotton flat bed sheet offers a lightweight cover option that is breathable and comfortable to have over you as you sleep in higher temperatures. The range of flat sheets at We Love Linen includes a variety of different colours so that you can coordinate the bed sheets with your bottom sheet and pillowcases to keep a coordinated bedding look.

Update your bedding for summer

Not only can you switch up your duvet for a summer duvet or opt for a flat sheet, we also love updating the look and colour scheme of our bedding to suit the season too. The We Love Linen bedding sets range offers plenty of summer inspired duvet cover possibilities to keep your bedroom on trend with summer bedroom styles.

Traditional summer florals can inject some colour and style into your room in no time at all, and the Charlotte Thomas bedding sets with a botanical theme can work perfectly all summer long. The Allium flower print duvet cover and pillowcases with subtle hues of contrasting green and purple against white looks like the epitome of summer! If you’re dreaming of getting away from it all and booking a holiday with family, why not get in the mood with the wonderful Charlotte Thomas nautical inspired duvet cover set that can bring the seaside to your bedroom. The elegant drawings of blue ships sailing across the white background with reversible stripe print is an appealing summer duvet cover for adults and teenagers alike!

When creating a cool summer bedroom, you could also adopt a summer inspired colour palette in the form of plain dye bedding. The classic, crisp look of plain white bedding never fails to impress, and its an especially calming and cool bedding option during summer. The white will brighten up the appearance of your bedroom perfectly to match the light mornings and evenings. If you prefer a bit of colour, select plain dye bedding in shades of peach, dusky pink, lilac and yellow for a minimalist approach to summer bedding.

Creating a cool, summer bedroom is easy with the collections of luxury bedding at We Love Linen. From summer inspired floral duvet covers to lightweight duvets, we have everything you need to make your bedroom a peaceful place to sleep on a summers night!

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