Make Your Halls Home: Decorating Your Student Room

So you’ve got your A-level results and now it’s time to take the next big step; moving to a new city and starting university. One of the major aspects of going to uni (besides the never-ending excuse to party) is moving into halls of residence, gaining independence and whole lot of new friends on the way. Your student room can be a haven away from hectic university life or a buzzing social hub; either way it’s a blank canvas waiting to be transformed.

At We Love Linen we believe that great bedding sets, cushions and other home accessories can change the feel of a room, making it welcoming and comfortable, whilst also staying on trend. Today we’re looking at ways to decorate a student room no matter your budget or personal interior design preferences.


The bed in your student bedroom will become a centre point of the room, it also becomes the obligatory sofa for you and your friends, so it’s important to make it stand out and be extra comfortable. If you’ve got a quirky style, bold bedding with colourful patterns will bring your bed to life, while home accessories such as throws and cushions will add extra comforting touches.

Whether you’re going to have a single bed or the luxury of a double bed in your halls of residence room, you can personalise your new living space instantly with a patterned bedding set. The duvet covers with matching pillowcases from the printed collection of bedding by Charlotte Thomas offer plenty of patterns to choose from, including the incredibly on-trend leaf print and striped prints below. Many patterned duvet covers are also reversible, so you can get two prints for the price of one!

If patterned duvet covers aren’t your thing, why not try plain-dye bedding sets? These can provide a plain coloured backdrop before adding a touch of character with patterned accessories such as cushions, throws and rugs. Whatever your style, your bedding can give a taste of your personality and brighten up a dull room!

Bedroom Accessories

Soft furnishings have the power to add warmth and texture to a room, so adding a beautiful throw or pair of cushions to your bed can really boost the look of it. A change-up of bedroom accessories can alter the look of a student bedroom, and can be an inexpensive way to update the room and keep up with the latest interior design trends. At We Love Linen we love the luxurious feel of the Charlotte Thomas chenille throws that can be used as a way to keep extra cosy in the winter while providing a decorative touch to your bed during the day!

Bedroom cushions also add to the cosy factor in your student room and can look fantastic in contrasting and coordinated shades, depending on your preference. Use throws, blankets and cushions as a way to further personalise your bedroom effortlessly.


Fairy lights have become a staple bedroom lighting accessory, and for good reason. They’re not only seriously cute but also affordable and come in various designs and colours. A unique idea is placing the lights into mason jars and sitting them on a window sill or bedside table to create a relaxing atmosphere when you’re ready to wind down. It’s a great ambient bedroom lighting option for when you have friends staying.

As a student who will be hard at work for (hopefully!) the duration of your first year at university, a good desk lamp is an essential bedroom lighting addition. This will prevent you straining your eyes as you stay up late trying to hit that deadline.

Freshers Bedroom Decor

Decorating your uni bedroom is all in your control so anything goes (within reason), so you have the ability to get as creative as you want. An easy DIY idea is having a fabric backdrop, such as a tapestry blanket behind your bed to create a bohemian aesthetic and a unique wall design. Choose colours that work perfectly with your bedding for a truly coordinated look.

If you find yourself missing home whilst you’re away at university, why not dedicate a wall to photos of your family and friends? You can create a memory wall of all your favourite memories shared with your loved ones, hanging from string or displayed as a collage. So if you’re ever feeling homesick you won’t have to look that far for a reminder of fond memories.

Going to university is the beginning of a new chapter. It’s a time when you can really discover yourself, build on your interests and personal style along the way, and what better way to show your individuality than in your bedroom? Browse the high quality Charlotte Thomas bedding sets for patterned duvet covers and plain dye bedding to find the perfect student bedding from We Love Linen.

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