Journey to the Past: Vintage Bedroom Makeover


Vintage interior design is all about embracing the past. Whether it’s an ode to old Hollywood glamour, the Victorian era or the classic French countryside, vintage design can bring a touch of nostalgia to a room. Here’s a look at ways to bring the design elements of the past into your future bedroom designs.

Throwback Styles

When it comes to designing the bedroom, vintage is a popular look as it emulates elegance and classic style. Some may hear the word vintage and automatically think of their grandmother’s china-filled cabinets but “granny-chic” is pummelling back into the 21st century! Vintage decorating is a great way to be creative by mixing and matching furniture, patterns and colour which are three of the main areas of creating a vintage bedroom.

Colour Schemes

Vintage colour schemes vary depending on which era you want to recreate. Do your research and take inspiration from classic films or TV shows set in different times periods for authenticity. If you love the 1960s “Mad Men” look, then opt for neutral backdrops with pops of greens and reds, whilst the 1950s featured pastel shades of pinks, greens and blues.

Prints & Patterns

Shabby florals are a popular pattern when creating a vintage space and is reminiscent of French country homes. If you decide to go down the French-chic route, opt for small floral prints to create a more delicate design.

If you’re looking to emulate classic, Parisian elegance then script bedding is the perfect touch. Imagery of the Eiffel Tower, post stamps and French cafes will have you feeling like Brigitte Bardot in 1950s Paris.



Catherine Lansfield “Cafe de Paris” Duvet Set

Keep your bedroom feeling comfortable with soft cotton bedding, frilled fabrics and lace accents to create a feminine, dreamy ambience that will make you want to stay in bed all day.

Furniture & Accessories

The right decor items are essential when turning your bedroom into a vintage boudoir. An antique dressing table has become a staple piece to any vintage bedroom. Whether as an ode to the Victorian era or the glamour of the Art Deco period, a dresser brings an opulent atmosphere into a bedroom.


Incorporate oversized mirrors, antique jewellery boxes and glass perfume bottles to create a sense of old Hollywood luxury. Collect a mix of old photo frames to hang on the wall exhibiting sepia-toned landscapes and portraits. Or go a step further and add an antique clothes mannequin into the mix! This has become a classic and practical vintage decor piece which can be used to drape necklaces or furs, perfect for any vintage fashionista.



Vintage design is the perfect design option for those wanting to give a feminine touch to their bedroom. It is far from old-fashioned, instead bringing a sense of charm and history to a space.



Fan of vintage interiors? Let us know some of your favourite vintage items for the home!


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