How To Feng Shui Your Bedroom

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice based on the art of placement. The belief is the way we arrange our physical environment can affect our harmony and well-being. From a room’s decor and furnishing they all have a certain energy (chi) and their arrangements can affect our lives either positively or negatively. The main aspect of Feng Shui is creating a balance between the Ying and Yang energies, and there’s a variety of steps to bring this practice into your bedroom.

Colour Palette


Focus on soothing colours and those similar to skin and earth tones such as browns, creams and beige. These colours will create a cosy, tranquil atmosphere and invite healing energy into your room. It’s best to avoid bright, bold colours or limit them to accent colours, such as bedspreads or cushions.

Bed Position is Key


The most important aspect of creating good Feng Shui in your bedroom is the position of your bed. The correct way is called the “power position” which has your bed in the corner of the room, diagonally opposite to the door. You want your bed as far away from the door as possible, but still in eye view. This not only provides a sense of safety but is good for sleep disruption and healthy chi.

Mirror Mirror


Avoid having a mirror next to the bed or on the wall above the bed. Your mirror also shouldn’t reflect the bed, doors or windows. This is all considered to be an invitation to a third party and even infidelity.

Clear Clutter


In Feng Shui, clutter symbolises a cluttered mind and can interfere with progress in life. In order to let chi flow freely organise your wardrobe for self-control and get rid of absolutely anything that is associated with a negative part of your life. Whether it’s a former relationship or a health problem, clear it out and let the positive energy flow in. Don’t forget under the bed too, as clutter under the bed can be a disturbance to sleep.

The Power of Photos


It’s best to avoid photos of family, friends and religious figures in the bedroom due to the fact that the bedroom is supposed to be a hideaway and personal photos can give the feeling that you are being watched. This can lead to feelings of anxiety, lack of focus and worry. Artwork on the other hand, should be chosen depending on the energy you need. Your wall art should be images reflecting what you want to see happening in your own life, whether it be love, wealth or happy relationships.

Technology Take Down


In today’s world having a television in your room is normal and inevitable. But electronics such as TVs and computers generate magnetic fields and currents which can cause stress and disrupt sleep. In an attempt to avoid this, keep electronics at a minimum two feet away from the bed and turn them all off before you go to sleep.

Light Levels


Your bedroom is a dedicated space for rest and relaxation, so dim lighting is the most ideal. You should avoid harsh, overhead lighting and instead opt for soft lighting over the bed and for bedroom lamps. In Feng Shui, the belief is that light represents yang energy which promotes happiness and feelings of inspiration.


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