Mattress Shopping 101

One of the most important pieces of furniture you have in your home is your mattress. Without a decent mattress your opportunity of a good night’s sleep is put in serious jeopardy. But seeing as we spend at least one third of our lives in bed, it can be difficult to realise when it’s time to upgrade your mattress for the better.

Signs You Need a New Mattress


Mattress Shopping

If your mattress makes a creaking sound every time you move, then it’s definitely time to start shopping for a new one.

The Sleep Council recommend changing your mattress every seven years, so if the age of your mattress is catching up with you, throw it out!

If you find yourself waking up with aches and pains this could be the result of an old mattress. Stiffness or soreness especially in your back is a sign that you aren’t getting enough support when sleeping. The more uncomfortable this gets the more sleep you lose out on.

If your allergies start to affect you more than usual this is another sign that it’s time to upgrade. An old mattress can become the home of dust mites and bacteria which can trigger allergy symptoms.

What to Know When Buying a New Mattress



Test It Out

A new mattress is a big purchase, so it’s important that you’re confident you’re buying the best mattress for your needs. If you’re buying from a store, don’t be afraid to test it out. Ideally, you should lay down for at least 10-15 minutes in various sleeping positions to really get the feel of the mattress and decide whether it’s right for you.

Comfort and Support

These are two of the main factors when buying a new mattress. If you find yourself changing positions frequently when sleeping, then your mattress may be too hard and there’s too much pressure on your body. A good mattress should contour your shape and support the curves of your body. This will keep your spine in alignment and prevent your body from aching.

Size Matters

If you share your bed, consider the size of your mattress. A larger mattress can allow couples less disturbance when sleeping as you’re able to move around more freely.

Consider Firmness

Everyone’s sleeping needs are different, and the ideal mattress for a person is usually height, weight and even position dependent. A soft mattress is great for those who are light to average build and prefer sleeping on their sides. Whilst a firmer mattress is ideal for those who need extra support and can help with back problems as it keeps your back more stable.

Mattress Care

Once you’ve chosen the right mattress it’s good to think about how you’ll maintain it throughout the years. A high quality mattress protector will help to protect your new mattress from wear and tear and provide extra comfort. Also think about airing your mattress regularly by removing all bed sheets for a couple hours as this will mean fewer allergens, germs and keep those bed bugs away!

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