Keeping Cool at Night



The summer period is always a great time of the year. It’s the season of sunny holidays abroad and garden barbecues. But as the weather gets warmer it can be difficult to get a comfy night’s sleep. Luckily there’s lots of ways to keep your body and bedroom cool to make sure you get that refreshing sleep you need!


Let some air in

Once the temperature drops in the evening, crack open a window to get a cool breeze flowing into your room and keep it ventilated.

Bedding & PJs


Charlotte Thomas Richmond Duvet Set, made from 100% cotton percale.

Having cotton sheets and cotton sleepwear is ideal as its more breathable, loose and lightweight. Also a duvet with a lower tog rating will keep you cooler, A duvet with a tog between 2.5 – 7 is perfect!

Cold Showers

A cold or lukewarm shower before bed will have you feeling refreshed before you snuggle up into those cool cotton sheets. It’s best to avoid hot baths during the summer evenings as it can take a while for your body temperature to cool down. Another trick is to keep a damp washcloth by your bedside to stay cool as you sleep.

Fan it out


A bedroom fan is a great way to keep cool at night. Have it on a low, quiet setting to help you gently fall asleep. Be sure to have it blowing on your body and not directly on your face as this can cause sinus problems!

Eat and exercise earlier

Digesting food raises your body temperature so its best to steer clear of eating a heavy meal for dinner. And exercise works in the same way, lighter exercise a few hours before bedtime will prevent you from feeling hot and sweaty in bed.

Change your sleep location



The lower you are the cooler you will be due to the fact that hot air rises. Consider moving your mattress to the floor or sleeping on a lower ground in your home.


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