From Tween to Teen

They don’t stay little forever, and with all the changes that come with raising a teenager their bedroom becomes key. It will become their main space for studying, relaxing and socialising and as they get older their bedroom is the perfect place to show off their personality.

Here’s some things to think about when giving your teen’s bedroom a major revamp.


Unique touches

The first thing to do is find out from them what they want their room to look like. As tempting as it is to dive straight in and surprise them with a bedroom makeover, it would be much better to work as a team. Make sure both you and your child agree on the changes you’ll make.



Your child’s bedroom should be a reflection of their personality. If you’re set on keeping the walls neutral include their favourite colour through bedding or accessories. Incorporate their hobbies and things they’re passionate about, whether it’s sport or fashion give them the ability to show off what they love. Wall art, trophy displays and collage boards are all great ways of bringing individuality into their bedroom.

Space & storage



Teenagers tend to have a lot of stuff. Whether it’s a collection of trainers or magazines it can take up a lot of space. Using boxes and baskets will not only conceal rummage but will also look visually appealing. Under-bed storage is also a great way  to free up space and keep things hidden.

Study time

Teen Bedroom

One of the most important aspects of a teen’s room is a desk. Their room not only has to be a place to relax but also a productive work zone. A good desk light is also key to keep their eyes strain-free when spending hours on the computer, even if they are on Facebook!


Here’s a look at some of the teen friendly bedding we have on our website!

Teen Bedding Ideas

Top left to right – Catherine Lansfield “Cafe de Paris” duvet set, Catherine Lansfield “Cityscape” Duvet Set. Bottom left to right – Catherine Lansfield “Geo Spot” Duvet Set, Catherine Lansfield “Vintage Postcard” Duvet Set.



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