A Taste of the Orient

Oriental interior design has the ability to evoke a notion of tranquillity and serenity into a home. Japanese and Thai styles focus on being minimalist and close to nature to create a zen atmosphere. Whilst Chinese style is much more opulent with the use of bright, rich colours. Whether you’re combining the styles or not, Far East decorating is all about balance.



L to R: Dreams & Drapes “Oriental Patchwork” Duvet Set; Dreams & Drapes “Oriental Flower” Duvet Set

Asian-themed interiors usually have a neutral backdrop. Colours such as white, cream and grey are used to create a soothing, relaxed ambience, but vibrant colours are also a huge part of oriental design. Cherry blossom pinks, reds, purples and oranges are perfect options to combine with the natural backdrop to create a lavish yet serene space.






When it comes to decorating, balance is a key part of oriental decor. The concept of Feng Shui plays a key role as a room should have the perfect harmony in a minimalist manner, so clutter is an absolute no!

Eco-friendly accessories such as bonsai trees and bamboo blinds and decorative shoji screens are the ideal decor items for an oriental interior. Another important feature is lighting, as this really accentuates the theme. Traditional Japanese paper lanterns and scented candles will truly complete the look and create a stunning Far East inspired home.




But it wouldn’t be complete without Buddha who is undeniably the face of oriental decor. The Catherine Lansfield “Thai Buddha” duvet set and cushion cover have a Buddha design perfect for the bedroom.


Oriental Bedding & Accessories

L to R: Catherine Lansfield “Thai Buddha” Duvet Set, Catherine Lansfield “Thai Buddha” Cushion Cover

An urban lifestyle can leave us feeling exhausted. But an oriental aesthetic can bring a sense of spiritual peace into our lives. To achieve this keep things simple, incorporate nature and natural light and you’ll soon create an abode of serenity.


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