Pretty in Pastel

Summer may be just around the corner, but whilst we count down the days until we’re jetting off to a tropical paradise, spring has been offering some major decor inspiration.  One worth mentioning is the pastel sensation. With Pantone announcing that rose quartz and sky blue are their 2016 colours, the popularity for pastels has only increased.

The pastel trend is one of the hot topics of 2016. Whether in fashion or interior design, pastel colours are being viewed in a completely different light.  Once upon a time pastels were seen to be strictly for baby nurseries, but the colour scheme has come a long way since then.

One great reason to add pastel colours into a home’s design and décor is the relaxation factor. Softer hued pastels are a nice way of introducing colour into a space without drawing too much attention.


Starting Subtle…

A pastel shade can easily give a bright burst of colour and add a quirky element  to any room. If you want to start small, a good way to incorporate pastel tones is by pairing it with white.  The trick is to use pastels for accent pieces; think a pistachio-coloured wall or a splash of blue and lilac accessories. Grey is also a great colour to keep subtle when experimenting with pastels. It can keep a room contemporary but can still bring a nice glow when mixing with cooler hues. A lot of the time by not going overboard it allows the pastel colour palette to speak for itself.

Pastel Accessories

From left to right – Charlotte Thomas “Anastasia”, Charlotte Thomas “Antonia”, Charlotte Thomas “Chenille” throws in lilac & grey. 


Make it Pop

If you are a bit quirky with your tastes then why not try mixing pastels with bright colours? This design trend will definitely make your room pop and leave everyone thinking WOW! If it’s  your living room, you could try mixing rich tones such as oranges and lime greens with pastel blues for a unique look. Or even if it’s a children’s bedroom transform a soft-hued nursery into a youthful decor with hot pinks, fuchsias or bright blues to keep up with the growing age. It’s all about versatility!


Pastel Decorating

 Be Bold. Be Brave!

If you feel like being a bit of a risk-taker then you may as well go all out! Seriously, be daring and change your decor into an ultimate pastel paradise. Maybe you want to have your bathroom swimming in powder blue or your living room in lemon yellow, anything is a possibility! Use accessories such as cushions in a variety of pastel colours to enhance displays. Or patterned beddings and vivid wallpaper for a bold approach.

Dreams and Drapes Patchwork Bedding

Dreams & Drapes “Patchwork” bedding collections in pink, blue & lilac

Using a pastel colour scheme can be a chic and modern way to brighten up your home for the spring/summer season.  Whether you go subtle and balance pastels with natural tones, or immerse your space with powdery hues, pastel shades can work in many settings. They are perfect for both brightening the home and enhancing light and space in a home decor.

If you feel like you need some more inspiration, have a look on our website for some dreamy bedding and accessories to go with any neutral tone!

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