Interior Inspiration For Men

We’ve decided to dedicate this blog post to the boys! Whether you’re attempting to renovate your bachelor pad or style up your man cave, we’ve got all the info you need to create a contemporary, yet masculine space.

Find your colours

Masculine-style living room

One of the first things to think about is your colour scheme. A good choice for a colour palette is to go neutral; think whites, greys and blacks. But at times this combination can look quite sharp, so try to balance it out. Add a touch of colour with accessories, but keep it understated to avoid your space looking cluttered.

From left to right – Balmoral Check Eyelet Curtains in Slate Grey & Sorbonne Plain Eyelet Curtains in Charcoal Grey

Get furnished


When you think about furniture in a guy’s place, it’s not always brown leather sofas and La-Z-Boy recliners a la Chandler and Joey from Friends! An interesting idea is a sofa with matching chairs and Ottomans – the space it would provide would be ideal when having a get-together.

Wine and dine

Rustic Dining Room

If you are decorating a bachelor pad, one important aspect to think about is the seating area. Invest in a decent dining table as it is something to use continuously. Get the right sized table for your space and fit the right amount of chairs around it accordingly. Include feature lighting in the dining room area as this can create a desired ambience, whether for a dinner party or a chilled evening alone.

Make it authentic

Masculine Den Room

Without going too overboard, showcase your personality in your space! These personal touches can dictate not only the layout but can allow you to focus on the aspects you see as the most important. Maybe you want to show off a particular hobby; why not have a display of trophies, medals or a musical instrument? If it’s a part of your life, make it known.


Contemporary Bathroom

The bathroom isn’t just a female domain, the guys need to unwind too! Simplicity is key, when it comes to colours so choose a solid foundation colour such as blue and bring it together with an accent colour such as grey and dark brown. Keep the bathroom furniture and any accessories neutral. For example a cream-coloured blind or a white bale of luxurious towels.

Office Space

Traditional Office

Having a personal workspace in your home is a luxury and should be decorated so. Why not create your own gentleman’s club with rich colours, to bring about a sense of opulence? Use dim lighting to create a tranquil atmosphere, but also invest in a desk lamp for concentrating on your computer. Storage is key, so make sure you have enough shelves and file units in order to grab any documents quickly without trouble.

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